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Hey guys, I have something of pretty significant importance to get out there, if everyone’s cool with that. (tw: suicidal thoughts, self harm, bullying)

Recently a friend of mine, Stevie, confessed their suicidal thoughts and impulses to their school therapist. They were escorted off campus in an ambulance and taken to the crisis unit not far from our town. They were transferred over to a psych ward about an hour and twenty minutes away. They had never been in this situation before, and they were very shaken and scared— and on top of that their SEVERELY emotionally abusive parents showed up to the crisis unit prior to Stevie’s transfer and were screaming and making a scene in an attempt to force the hospital to release Stevie. A temporary restraining order was signed shortly after, but it was nonetheless a very rattling situation for my friend.

Now, bare with me a little longer here; Stevie is a gender-neutral individual, and is regularly bashed, harassed, teased and undermined for it. They have a generally “punky” or “alternative” style of outward expression. And, finally, Stevie is a wolf/kitten therian individual. They also have almost no problem doing their own thing in public too; they want to feel good in their own skin, therefore they dress for them self, even if not everyone agrees or understands. All of this, obviously, is essentially a magnet for harassment and hate— but even so, Stevie is always a caring, affectionate, all-around sweet and friendly person, despite all the mistreatment they receive daily. Often times Stevie and I have been each other’s support systems, reminding one another that we’ve been “troopers” for all our lives, and that we can still get through anything. But being hospitalized is a very, VERY scary and stressful thing for Stevie, and they never deserved to be pushed to that point. At all.

But as with anyone trudging through life as Stevie does, there comes an emotional toll. They genuinely believe that everyone hates them, though it’s nowhere near true from an outsiders perspective. Just minutes before they were escorted off campus, they confided in me in the therapists office that they couldn’t deal with the thought of everyone laughing and whispering about them once everyone caught wind of the incident. And despite my attempts at reassurance, they still hated them self even more for it.

This is where I need your help. Whoever you are, wherever you live (UNLESS DOING THIS WILL PUT YOUR WELLBEING IN DANGER!), here is my challenge for you:

If you own anything to express your identity as a therian (ears, a tail, a spirit hood), wear it (preferably in a public or outdoor setting, but anywhere is totally fine!!) and post a picture on Instagram, Tumblr, anywhere really, with the tag #TroopingForStevie. If you attend middle/high school or even college if you’re up for it, wear it. It means e v e r y t h i n g. Whatever you want to include is up to you after that; you can share your story, you can write Stevie a note (which tbh would probably make them cry out of sheer joy), anything you want.

(tl;dr — show your support for not only Stevie, but for “alternative” people facing social and family-based adversity everywhere, by showing off your therian/alternative pride.)

If you are not therian but wish to show your support, pick up a pencil and draw a paw print with the hashtag #TroopingForStevie. Every little bit helps. This is not only about Stevie, this is a love campaign for everyone in this community.

IF YOU ARE OPPOSED TO THIS LIFESTYLE, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE AND MOVE ALONG. My goal is to help spread happiness, please do not undermine it.

Thank you so so SO MUCH everyone. Your contributions mean more than you will ever understand. Keep fighting, and good luck.

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