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Anonymous asked:

Wow... that seriously sucks :( But you should take time off Tumblr, you know, take it easy until you've recovered from all this, it seems pretty serious ;_;. Also, love your blog X3

Awe thank you love~ tumblr is one of my escapes, it makes me happy to be on here. You guys are family…


Anonymous asked:

Are you ok? I saw your post. That really sucks where are you staying? Also are you still doiing school supplies helps or no bc of the situaton bc i asked a whilee ago four help but the stuff didnt come yet

I’m okay and I’m staying with my bfs uncle.
I’m seriously going to try to still help you guys, but things are hard right now.

Guys I'm going to let you in on what's up...

  • A few nights ago I was asleep and two woman dressed in nurses uniforms and a lady who lived with me came in my room and told me to get out or I would be beaten.

  • So I did, when I started to walk down the street one of the girls chased me, choked me and threw me to the ground.

  • She took my cell phone.

  • Neighbors witnessed it all happen.

  • I called the police but they didn't do anything....everything has been difficult...but I love you guys no matter what.

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